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Study about Progressive Retinal Atrophy in English Cocker Spaniels, in collaboration with the Veterinary University of Liège, Belgium


As we already talked about in our last article (available only in French for the moment) about Optigen test, the Veterinary University of Liège has some funds available for research. So, the professors thought to begin some researches about the most current eye diseases in some breeds, and especially the painful diseases and/or the diseases that make the dog becomes irremediably blind.


So, they have in project to develop a DNA test for PRA in English Cocker Spaniels (one of the most affected breeds by that disease), like the Optigen test.  But with the idea to market a much cheaper test, and easier for breeders.


To began that study, they need the DNA from as many dogs as possible, to have a maximum of different bloodlines, to provide a test that will be as reliable as possible. All English Cockers owners, breeders or pet people, can help and make the research advance, if they accept to take part in this study.


The aim of this article is to realise a "survey" to know approximately the number of dogs on which the sampling could be done, and to forward the coordinates of the people interested by that study to Liège University.  Our implication is stopping there and, in an obvious confidentiality preoccupation, we won't know anything about the data exchanged with the participants to that study and the Université (contact person at the University : Dr Magda Grauwels, ECVO Diplomate - European College of Veterinary Ophtalmologists).


To take part in that study, it's imperatively necessary that your(s) dog(s) has (have) an official pedigree, recognized by FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale).


You will be asked to provide, for each dog :


- Blood sample (you will get a kit for that purpose)

- Dog's identification (that will be checked by the vet when he will take the blood)

- Pedigree copy

- Last annual eye test copy (if done)

- Optigen test copy (if done)

- Your complete coordinates


If you want to take part in that study, thank you to complete the following form.  It will be forwarded to Liège University, and you will be recontacted later on to confirm your participation, and to get the blood sample kits and detailed instructions.


If you have questions, you can also send us an email to


A huge thanks in advance to help us to make the research advance !


Participation form to the Progressive Retinal Atrophy study, in collaboration with the Veterinary university of Liège, Belgique.

Name :
First name :
Street  :
N° :
Zip code :
City :
Country :
Phone :
Email :
Number of dogs from which you can send the blood :

Are you :

Breeder                                                Private people (pet owner)

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