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Septembre 2004

"Hi !

We have the greatest dog.

He is GOOD yesterday went fine almost no problems just before we got home he trew up in the car but that was expected after all the driving.

We went to the park twice and he wont part further than 1 meter from us, he is like a post stamp, doesnt leave us wherever we go.

The pee pee problem is 5-3 for the outside team. and the poo poo is 2-0 in favor of the garden, that makes us very happy.

Last night we left him home alone for 3 hours and when we came back there were no bad surprises he has been behaving very very well. And the firs night went just fine he slept in his bed in our bedroom for 5 hrs then he woke up in the morning at about 5 and we heard his voice, then i pet him for a minute and he fell asleep again till 7.

Today he is very playfull but there is one very small thing that is bothering me and its his breathing when lieing it sounds heavy and not very smooth do you have an idea if that is sometimes normal when sleeping or lieing, Or maybe i shall ask a doctor Thats is all from us for the moment enjoy your day Ilia"

"Hi there,

Second day and night went with no problems.

He hasn't been very hungry dog though, eats nothing more nothing less than 2x100gra day. And is not really very interested in the food when I serve it.

I hope it gets better after a few days.

We had some more accidents on the carpet but as a whole iIthink in a week or two we will have that problem sorted out too.

I think I will buy a cage today to make him feel better. especially when he is alone like today we had to leave him for 5 hrs. he was crying when I left.

Thats all for the moment from peppyland and we ll write soon again".


"I know I have been writing too often therefore please dont feel obliged to answer every mail. But I just feel that at least in the beggining I should inform you about the way its going in case there is something that is not quite normal.

Yesterday he was home alone for 6 hrs. and when i came back from work i found him on the second floor (he climbed the stairs on his own). then took him everywhere with me we went to the swimming pool, he starts enjoying already the open car, then spent a few hours in the park and in the evening we went to a restaurant where he was completely tired and slept the whole time under the table, I noticed he feels quite safe there and I thought maybe its not a bad idea to buy him a cage and teach him to stay alone in it do you think its a good idea or its too late now.

I will write to you again after we go to the vet tomorrow.

Thank you for your time you are spending to help us with advice and to read my letters although I know you are busy and Peppy is not the only puppy you have on your mind."

"Hi there

We have only good news for you.

Went to the doctor yestreday and made 2 vaccines necessary to be able to go to France next month. There will be one more in the beggining of oct.

We measured P and he is 5.5 kg.

I dont know how he gained so much if he is not the eating type.

The Doc said he is well built.

Peppy almost bit him when he saw him approaching with the needle i guess previous experience, and that s another small thing that made me proud of peppy he can defend himself.

We already heard him bark a few times as well, and i think today is a good day to start with the training, you now the usual stuff like sit wait lay down he already knows NO and come So thats is the news from our side, havent had the time to buy a cage but to be honest he doesnt look like the type of puppy who would just stay in it.

Anyway we ll see

Bye for now."

"Hi, here are some more photos although its difficult to get you the latest ones since by the time i upload them on the computer and send them to you he has grown up already at the moment he weighs just over 6 kg. and on the pictures he is 5.5 He is barking already at strangers approaching the house, sleeps on his own and manages to stand walks in the park longer than 2 hrs. He shows first signs of intelligence in general very happy and playfull, likes to sleep too, and is not afraid to show if he doesnt like something. Already knows where the toilet is and makes pee pee rarely only during the night in the garage the rest he does outside, and i will save you the other details concerning the poo poo.

Best regards to your family and keep in touch when you have time."


How are you is everything ok?

Do you have new puppies.

News about Peppy is he is 7+kg

Very energetic barks to protect us from other dogs and the house from noises.

Still eats about 200-220gr per day.

Pooes outside already about 3-4 times daily. and pee pee many more times mixed outside and sometimes when too excited or over the night inside.

He has got a whole room for himself only for the nights, hates to bath and is afraid of the hair dryer.

Likes to bite a lot and everything. I think his theeth are still itchy.

He knows sit, look for toys, bring and go to your place commands.

When we eat I thought him to go and sit in his own place and wait for a treat.

He likes to protect his Bone and barks when you want to take it from him,(which I dont like but I know its an instinct). He also sleeps a lot.

Sometimes we give him little pieces of meat and some pasta just to change the dog food once in a while.

We take him everywhere with us avoid to leave him home alone, even to restaurants and bars.

We are gonna go to France next week the 3 of us.

I dont think he knows what france is though ...?

We still havent received post from you I thought I'd tell you in case you sent it and we never received it.

On friday we'll go to the doctor again for another vaccine,this time I hope he wont bite the Doctor again.

He hasnt done anything bad at home like chewing on shoes and destroying furniture, but when he goes outside the mud is his best friend likes to dig and roll in it.

So thats more or less the resume from Peppy's new life.

If you want to see him just tell us when and we can bring him over.

Here are some new pictures made yesterday.

Best regards to your family and take care.


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