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The history of Domaine d'Haïsha

Why "Domaine d'Haïsha" ? - Our family - Our first dog - First memories from a long serie - Kennel history summary - What are we meaning by "family breeding" ? - Our main concern : the healthAnother very important point : the temperament - To not forget, the beauty and the respect of the breed standard - Breeding, a compromises succession - Our puppies - The Irish Water and the American Cocker

Kennel history summary

Our solid line

We first began with Mrs Elise Ladrier beautiful black lines "de Castelmare", with "Ivanhoé de Castelmare", "Hysabelle de Castelmare", "Java de Castelmare" ...  Mrs Ladrier imported a lot a dogs from England, and it was remarkable at that time.

Java de Castelmare, Hysabelle de Castelmare, Ivanhoé de Castelmare

Then, we worked with "Of Gitana's House" kennel, owned by Mrs Goval, who had herself the "de Castelmare" lines, but also French lines, with also English origins.  Thus, we have had "Nice of Gitana's House", "Ninon of Gitana's House", "Nixon of Gitana's House", that came from "de la Tour Magezir" and "of Goldbraith" (Mrs Charlot) lines, among others.  Nice and Nixon were a very nice couple in shows. 

Mirabelle du Domaine d'Haïsha, Nice of Gitana's House and Ninon of Gitana's House


Nice of Gitana's House



Nixon & Nice of Gitana's House, Best In Show Couple at Liège Dog Show

(our first podium on a main ring).

Our Nice was married with the French dog "Arrow Red of Goldbraith" (owned by Mr Brifflot) and she gaved us "Rebelle du Domaine d'Haïsha", who was our "foundation bitch" in our solid maternal line.

Arrow Red of Goldbraith


Rebelle du Domaine d'Haïsha

We choosed for Rebelle a nice Scottish male, imported by Mr Brifflot ("Of Newsflash" kennel, France), named "Lochdene Percival" ("Lochdene" kennel, Mrs Patricia Shaw, Scotland).  That gaved us our first red "fetish couple" in shows : Stendhal and Soraya.

Lochdene Percival


Soraya and Stendhal du Domaine d'Haïsha

Rebelle knew another nice Scottish male, "Lochdene Walk Tall" ("Lochdene" kennel, Mrs Patricia Shaw, Scotland), imported by Mr Brackx ("Canoodle" kennel, Belgium).  That union produced "Y'Cheyenne du Domaine d'Haïsha".

Lochdene Walk Tall


Y'Cheyenne du Domaine d'Haïsha

Soraya is the bitch who marked our kennel the most.  At the contrary of her mother Rebelle (who carries well her name), Soraya loved (and is still loving) the shows.  Moreover, she has an excellent temperament, in any situation.  She did so well in shows, but was also an excellent breeding bitch too.  At 10 years old, she is always more and more beautiful, with the same perfect topline.  She represents a model for us, we are dreaming about other Soraya's, but we know that it will perhaps never happen again.

Soraya du Domaine d'Haïsha


She gaved us, among others, 3 wonderful red :

Xéryus and X'Nirvana, resulting from the union with "Ch Sirkiss Red Velvet", wonderful red male bred and owned by Mrs Sirpa Huusari ("Sirkiss" kennel, Finland).  Xeryus and X'Nirvana succeeded with dignity to Stendhal and Soraya in couple class in shows.  But Xeryus took part on several occasions to the couple class with her mother too, and also with "Y'Cheyenne du Domaine d'Haïsha".  Without forgetting the groups classes... 

Sirkiss Red Velvet


X'Nirvana and Xéryus du Domaine d'Haïsha


Z'Sirléna du Domaine d'Haïsha, daughter of the black and tan male "Tonic du Domaine d'Haïsha" (who was himself a son of "Ninon of Gitana's House").

Tonic du Domaine d'Haïsha


Z'Sirléna du Domaine d'Haïsha


Soraya's progeny also did well in (and are still doing well) in breeding (and in shows too) :

Xéryus is the father of "Z'Billy Boy du Domaine d'Haïsha", a very nice black male.  Billy's mother is a very nice black bitch that we imported from Finland  : Sheerclever Power Game" ("Sheerclever" kennel, Mrs Tuija Kaipainen). Xéryus et Z'Billy Boy are already proving reliable in breeding.

Sheerclever Power Game


Z'Billy Boy du Domaine d'Haïsha


Billy, married with the superb "Tripol's Pivit" ("Tripol's" kennel, Mrs Bogers, The Netherlands), gave a wonderful litter at "Charbonnel" kennel, in England (Mrs Sandy Platt), that we are obviously very very proud ... Mrs Platt kept 3 puppies from that union, one black male and one black bitch, and one red male, who already started a very promising carreer on the English show scene until now.


Tripol's Pivit


Charbonnel Double Dutch

Charbonnel Dutch Touch


Charbonnel Goes Dutch


We also have a black bitch from the same union as Billy, called "A Crazy Game du Domaine d'Haïsha".

A Crazy Game du Domaine d'Haïsha

X'Nirvana is the mother of the nice black and tan "Zazie Ze One du Domaine d'Haïsha".  Zazie's father is "Tonic du Domaine d'Haïsha".

Zazie Ze One du Domaine d'Haïsha

Z'Sirléna and Z'Billy Boy are the parents of a very promising black bitch, "Christyna du Domaine d'Haïsha".

Christyna du Domaine d'Haïsha

And Zazie Ze One, married with "Charbonnel Dettori" ("Charbonnel" kennel, Mrs Sandy Platt, United-Kingdom), imported by Mrs Léa Bogers ("Tripol's" kennel, the Netherlands), gave us a new champion, the nice black bitch "Be My Honey du Domaine d'Haïsha". 

Charbonnel Dettori


Be My Honey du Domaine d'Haïsha

Let us add our last import : "Charbonnel Carolette" (Mrs Sandy Platt, United Kingdom), little black bitch who, married with Billy, gave us very promising puppies...  Let them grow up ...

Charbonnel Carolette

Our partis line

We had less chance in partis, and we are still at our "beginnings" in these colours.

Our "base" in partis is our blue male "Pink Floyd vom Rauhen Holz" ("Vom Rauhen Holz", Mrs Doris Junge, Germany).  Married with "Fuzberki Lady Blue" ("Fuzberki" kennel, Mrs Szilagyi, Hungary), gave "Be Bop A Lola du Domaine d'Häisha".  Lola will be mother very soon ...

Pink Floyd vom Rauhen Holz


Füzberki Lady Blue


Be Bop A Lola du Domaine d'Haïsha


We also recently imported "Charbonnel Kiss 'n Cousin's", blue bitch ("Charbonnel" kennel, Mrs Sandy Platt, United Kingdom).  We think that she could bring a lot in our lines...


Charbonnel Kiss 'n Cousin's

Our champions

"Soraya du Domaine d'Haïsha", Luxembourg and German Champion.

"Xeryus du Domaine d'Haïsha", German Champion.

"Z'Billy Boy du Domaine d'Haïsha", Luxembourg Champion.

"Be My Honey du Domaine d'Haïsha", Luxembourg Champion.

We didn't produce a lot of champions, and that is partly due to the fact that the working test is needed to have the Belgian Champion title, and we don't work with our dogs.  From another side, several dogs of us were in progress for the German Champion title when the law about docked tails came into force in that country.  Our dogs with docked tails born after the beiginning of 1998 cannot be shown in Germany anymore, and then they couldn't try to end their championship.

Our couples and groups in shows

Thanks to Sandrine for the animations ;-)

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