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Health problems and inherited diseases

in English Cockers Spaniel


As in every pure breed, the English Cocker is prone to some "inherited dieases".


We enumerate the most current here, and we'll keep this heading updated, with the new preventions means, remedies, the new tracking methods, ...


In Belgium, the tracking tests for hip dysplasia and eyes diseases are not requested  to breed with an English Cocker.  However, they are in many countries.  Nevertheless, any responsible breeder could test his breeding stock, in order to try to bring his "contribution" to the health of the breed.  One of the main goal of any serious breeder is to breed healthy dogs ...



"Health Concerns found in purebred dogs"

(Analyze of the main problems occuring in the English Cocker Spaniel)

Source : English Cocker Spaniel Club of America - Article written by Addi Pittman


Eyes problems


Progressive Retinal Atrophy or PRA


Summary article on PRA (by Carol Hanson & Sandrine Chichilianne)


Optigen test in details


New : To all English Cocker Spaniels owners - Take part to a study about PRA and help the research to make a new DNA test, cheaper than the Optigen test, click HERE for more information.




Hip dysplasia


Familial nephropathy or FN


EFNF : European Familial Nephropathy Fund






Auto-immune diseases


Vaccination : New protocol for pets in USA (February 2006)

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