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The ‘Domaine d’Haisha is not only a family breeder of English Cocker Spaniels but also a grooming Salon for all breeds, dogs and cats, in the same passionate and family way, where the quality of the work primes over the quantity.

Principal Advantages

Only the two same people look after your dogs, no trainee or apprentice, a personalized contact with our regular customers. Special attention is given to each and every client. The dogs don’t just pass along the line throughout the day, they are therefore less stressed as we take the time for each and everyone’s  personal needs, be it for thegrooming  of the dog or answering questions and giving advice to the dog owners.

Principal inconveniencies

We only work by appointment, so as to manage in the best possible way our Grooming Salon and our Breed Kennel.  Therefore the waiting list can, depending on the seasons, be a bit long sometimes.  Its just a question of routine, quite a lot of our clients make immediately a new appointment for the next grooming session.

Only in exceptional circumstances is the owner allowed to assist the grooming.  We are more comfortable this way, and the dog too, contrary to what you might think (we have tested both ways). Less stress for everyone. There too, it’s a question of routine, and foremost, confidence.

Naturally we do not use any tranquilizers  or anesthesia.  Inconceivable to us.

Our Experience

25 years of experience in the Dog World (see the history of the kennel) same as in the grooming of the Cocker Spaniel, and more than 13 years’ experience in grooming ‘all breeds’.  We always work, where possible, in respect to the breed standard and the grooming technic adapted to the breed (e.g. the trimming of terriers and other breeds with a wire coat)

Graduated with distinction in Canine Beauty Esthetics (IFPME in Liège, 2000). Unfortunately, in Belgium the grooming profession is not regulated.  Therefore ‘just anybody’ can pronounce himself as a ‘groomer’ from one day to the next, with any particular knowledge in the dog or cat world. Even if it is ‘by forging that you become a blacksmith’ the courses give you knowledge of the canine world, anatomy, care, security, maintenance of the premises and the practical bases of grooming.

Also an on hand experience as a veterinary assistant, having worked as a replacement for an ASV for several months.

Since June 2011, a Diploma, obtained with a distinction, as a Canine Training Instructor (IFAPME)

Since September 2011, a grooming trainer at IFAPME in Liège

Work Quality

We groom in a completely traditional way, the cut adapted to each dog, to his particular requirements, to his breed, and also to his way of life. We try to meet the expectations of each owner. In our salon, no extravagant hairstyles, no revolutionary procedures, no dog massage, or outstanding perfumes.  We use quality equipment and products, which have first been tested on our own dogs.  We treat the dog as he should be a member of your family, not an object.

The participation in Grooming Contests is not only a passion but also a way of comparing our work to that of others, and to obtain the criticisms of international judges.

Between Dogs and Cats – our specialties

We groom all dog breeds, from the smallest to the biggest, from the style cut to the shorn cut (unfortunately the shorn cut is part of the daily routine for groomers) always with the same concern to furnish a quality, well cared for work

We also groom cats and are also capable of preparing them for Cat Shows having frequently been alongside this environment.

But it’s without a doubt that our specialty is and always will be the grooming of English, American Cocker Spaniels and all the other breeds of Spaniel, if its for a maintenance cut (for your pet) or for show preparations.

Demonstrations and Courses

We are at present able to dispense ‘private lessons’ be it for the grooming, or the maintenance (designed for the professional or simply the dog owner (present or future) concerned about the well-being of their dog.

We already dispense, annually, a grooming demonstration for Spaniels, at the IFAPME  of Liège. We have already given demonstrations to other students, as for the members of the Belgian English Cocker Spaniel Club, or even the Belgian Grooming Association.

International Reputation

Our clients are also rather ‘international’ and some don’t hesitate to drive many kilometers to come and have their dog groomed by us (clients in France, Germany, Holland, Luxembourg etc.)

On-line Shop

We also sell, by order, grooming and welfare materiel and products. We also make articles such as snoods, show coats, blankets,...  
Visit our on-line shop:

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