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...But who says « Golden Dog Trophy » can also say « Golden Groomer », very uncommon grooming competition, as it’s the only competition in Belgium to happen in the same time and place than a dog show …  And thanks to the Golden Groomer, I start grooming competitions, 7 years ago …
In the morning, I was entered in the « handstripping » competition, for the fun…   But I didn’t find a dog so easily, so I thought I cannot take part to the competition.  But, thanks to our friend Muriel Delport, who found 2 nice « Border Terrier » 3 days before the contest, I could take up the challenge…
Muriel, entered in « beginners competition », had « Julius », a « Grizzly Border », as he was sooo hairy … For my part, entered in the open class, grooming a Border Terrier for the very first time (I have to admit that this breed is not so common here), « Boy » was a good compromise ….  Even if it was also the very first time that he was trimmed, he behaved so well, and he had a super coat … So, I could work only with 2 fingers during all the grooming (excepted around the feet, of course) …
In the afternoon, « Spaniels & Setters » competition… There, I’m entered in « Elite » class with Blondie (Charbonnel Suzette)… Her coat isn’t from the best quality for the moment, and can be hardly hanstripped when it’s clean (which is normal)…  But, as our other dogs were shown the day before, I really hadn’t an other suitable solution.  And Blondie was very happy (excepted when I put her some « band » to have the ear coat very flat, she found that quite ridiculous and was a bit upset…)… Once more, not easy to show to the judges our idea of English Cocker grooming, especially the « cat feets », with visible nails…  nevertheless quite common in the show rings and by the breeders …
But it was worth it :
Muriel wins the first place in Handstripping beginners, and I got the same result in Handstripping open !  Written comment from Mrs Caroline Lezier, one of the judges) : « Congratulations ! Great work, well organised, according to the rules ! ».

1st in Handstripping Open Class

1st place also with Blondie in Spaniels Elite.  I couldn’t believe it !

1st in Spaniels & Setters Elite class

Finally, after a nice moment in the main ring, where only 3 groomers are chosen for the final podium, Muriel wins the 3rd BIS, and I’m going on the second place of the podium with Blondie … Congratulations to the great winner of the day, Aïcha Vermeulen !

In the main ring with Blondie

RBIS Groomer

Thanks to the judges, Mrs Caroline Lezier (F)  & Mr Justin Carroll (IRL) for the handstripping competition and also to Mrs Laurence Georgel (F) et Mr Jean Vion (F) for the Spaniels & Setters competition.  Mr Vion judged also the best groomer of the day.
Thanks also to Mr & Mrs Roua (“Little Terrier Valley” ‘ kennel) for “Boy”.
Congratulations also to Lamiel and Virginie for their results during the weekend, and also to Jessica, 1st in Scissoring Beginners on Saturday with a Bedlington Terrier.
What a weekend, full of emotions !
And, once more, thanks to our doggies, for all these great joy and happiness, as well in this kind of weekend than in everyday’s life …
Golden Groomer pictures, click here.

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Some pictures

Thank you Elisa ;-)
With Georgia in the main ring
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