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"Animal Mon Ami" salon, Saturday 20/10/2012 

Animal Mon Ami” Salon, saturday 20/10/2012, stand for the  IFAPME & grooming demonstrations with the 1st year students.
  • Handstripping on an American Cocker by Alain 
  • Handstripping on a Teckel by Julie 
  • Scissoring on a poodle by Virginie 
  • Scissoring on a Bichon by Isabelle 
  • Scissoring on a mixed breed by Véronique
  • Handstripping on an English Cocker & on an American Cocker by Carol Hanson (teacher)
Thanks everyone for beeing there !
Please click on the following picture to see the complete gallery : 
"Animal Mon Ami" Salon - Sunday 21/10/2012

”Free Style” Grooming competition 

- Handstripping, students category :
1st: Sylviane … (2nd year IFAPME)
2nd : Céline (1st year IFAPME)
3rd: Julie (1st year IFAPME)
- Handstripping, professionnal category :
1st : Iryna 
2nd: ? (diplomate from IFAPME)
- Scissoring, students category
1st: Chloé (2nd year IFAPME)
2nd : ??? (2nd year EIMAP)
3rd: Alain (1st  year IFAPME)
- Scissoring, professionnal category : 
1st: Lamiel (diplomate from IFAPME)
- Poodles, students category
1st : Florence (2nd year IFAPME)
2nd: Hélène (2nd year IFAPME)
3rd : Kristelle (2nd year EIMAP)
- Poodles, professionnal category : 
1st: Lili (diplomate from IFAPME)
2nd : Laure  (diplomate from IFAPME)
Out of competition and “Special mention” : Carol Hanson  (diplomate from IFAPME & grooming teacher) with a Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen in Handstripping  (“Charbonnel Whitney”)
Best In Show : Iryna Piven
Congratulations to all and thank you for beeing there !

Please click on the following picture to see the complete gallery : 

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